First impressions are very important.  Make your Home Desirable to a Buyer!


Before the front door opens make sure your home has curb appeal.  Remove clutter around the exterior of your home.  Check your paint and window trim.  Look for mold or moss.  Manicure your lawn, flowers and bushes.  Look at the condition of your patio and deck.   If the outside of your home is not in tip top shape a buyer will wonder how the inside was maintained over the years.  The last thing you want to see is your appointment pull up, stop and then drive off without entering your home.  

Declutter your home by remove unnecessary trinkets and unused kitchen appliances.  Let the buyer see how much work space your counters have.  Remove all refrigerator magnets.  You do not want a potential buyer remembering your chotskies instead of your home.  You are planning on moving, so go ahead and pack them up.  

Rearrange or remove over crowded rooms of furniture.  A sparsely decorated home makes the rooms appear larger and allows the buyer to imagine their belongings in there.  Remember “Less is More”. 

All bathrooms should be sparkling clean and extra items removed from showers and countertops.  Consider a new bath mat, shower curtain and matching towel sets. 

Repair any dings in the walls.  Look inside your cabinets and closets, arrange dishes and straighten up your closets. 

If necessary have carpets and windows cleaned.  If you have pets make sure there is no pet odor.   Keep liter boxes clean.  

When you have a showing, open up all the blinds, turn on the lights, have the temperature pleasant and pick a light music station.  

Following these steps will help you in getting a better price for you home!! 

And Speaking about Pricing Your Home….. Everyone knows what their home was worth 5 and 6 years ago.  But unfortunately a lot of things have changed.  The best way for us to establish an asking price is to have me complete a free CMA on your home.  A CMA is a Comparable Market Analysis just on your home.  This is where we compare apples to apples and eliminate an orange from the equation.   I will gather all the data on comparable homes that are currently for sale and recently sold properties that compare with your home. Together we will evaluate all this information and decide on an appropriate asking price.  It is very important to careful look at this data.  It may not be the asking price you were thinking of but, remember you will be purchasing your next home most likely for less than you would have paid 5 or 6 years ago. 

The first 2 weeks are very important.  This is where we capture all buyers looking in your town and your price range.  Buyers are very educated these days and will know immediately if you are overpriced and will eliminate you in their search.  It is also important to listen to feed back from other realtors and their clients.  I will be sharing this with you often.  I will provide you weekly traffic reports that will allow you to see how many people viewed your property online.  

This blog is filled with great hints on staging your home and pricing it correctly.  What are you waiting on?  Any questions or concern please call me at 973-214-3187.  I look forward to hearing from you.  Natalie